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I am an editor based in Melbourne, Australia, with over 16 years broadcast experience in both the UK and Australia.

I specialise in factual entertainment and documentary.

‘Best Editing in Documentary’ nominee, Australian Screen Editors Awards 2018.

‘Best Editing in Documentary Non-Feature’ nominee, Australian Screen Editors Awards 2016.

‘Best Editing in Television Factual’ nominee, Australian Screen Editors Awards 2015.

Selected Films

(in reverse chronological order)


Catalyst - Mars: Our Second Home? (2021, 1 x 60’)


Meeting the Australian scientists on a mission to solve the many challenges of putting people on the red planet.


Backroads - Central Highlands (2021, 1 x 30’)


Australian factual television show that looks at Australian regional towns.


Silent No More (2019, 1 x 60’, Editor & Writer)

ABC1/Southern Pictures

Tracey Spicer explores how the #MeToo movement is changing Australia.


Shooting Cats (2019, 1 x 25’)


Exploring the consequences of Australia’s feral cat plague.


Marry Me, Marry My Family (2019, 1 x 60’)


Observational Documentary series following couples as they bridge

cultures and religions.

Marry Me, Marry My Family (2019, 1 x 60’)


Observational Documentary series following couples as they bridge

cultures and religions.


Allergy Clinic: A Catalyst Special (2018, 1 x 60’)


ABC's flagship science show.


The Eviction (2018, 1 x 75’, Editor & Writer)

Blue Lucine/Antenna Doco Festival

Feature documentary filmed over four years following the controversial public housing sell off in Sydney. Narrated by Michael Caton.

War on Waste (2018, 1 x 60’)

ABC1/Lune Media

Craig Reucassel continues the War on Waste in Australia.


Show Me the Movie (2018, 3 x 60’)

Channel 10

A new film quiz show hosted by Rove McManus

download (1).jpeg

Everyone’s a Critic (2018, 3 x 30’)

ABC1/Matchbox Pictures

A new format inviting the Australian public to deliver their opinions on some of our most iconic artworks. 

Hawke: The Larrikin and The Leader (2017, 1 x 60')                                    ABC1/Southern Pictures

Two part series on the life of former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

You See Monsters (2017, 1 x 60’)                                                      ABC1/Chemical Media

A new generation of Australian Muslim artists is fighting back against the growing tide of intolerance in Australia.

Westwind: Djalu’s Legacy (2017, 1 x 90’, Editor & Writer)                        MIFF/Madman/NITV/Jonnie and Kate Films

Didgeridoo master, keeper of an ancient dreaming, tribal elder: Djalu must pass on his sacred songlines.

For the Love of Meat (2016, 1 x 60’)

SBS/Essential Media

Journalist and Chef Matthew Evans explores where our meat comes from.

Man-Up (2016, 1 x 60’)

ABC1/Heiress Films

Triple M Breakfast Radio presenter Gus Worland explores male suicide and what it means to be a man.

Revolution School (2016, 3 x 60’)


An observational documentary series spending a year embedded in an outer Melbourne public school.

Lest We Forget, What? (2015, 1 x 60’)

ABC1/Pony Films

Kate Aubusson looks at the way Australians commemorate the First World War.

Making Australia Great: Inside Our Longest Boom (2014, 2 x 60’)


George Megalogenis explores a quarter of a century of economic growth in Australia; with in-depth analysis from politicians, cultural figures and the last six Australian Prime Ministers.


Nomad Chef (2014, 1 x 60’)

Discovery/Chemical Media

An extreme adventure cooking series, featuring chef Jock Zonfrillo.


In Their Own Words: Artists (2012, 1 x 60’)

BBC Four

BBC archival series bringing viewers into the minds of some of the world’s great artists.

Our Food - Wales (2012, 1 x 60’)


A 4-part series for BBC Two hosted by Giles Coren.

The Culture Show (2007 – 2012)


Over 40 VT inserts for BBC Two’s flagship arts program.

Mark Lawson Talks to… (2008 – 2012, 11 x 60’)

BBC Four

A series in which presenter Mark Lawson has a 60-minute in-depth conversation with a notable figure.

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